Route Explorer is now available—learn more and share your feedback by June 2!

To inform the routing process for the “missing link” transmission line project, we’re seeking your feedback on several potential route options connecting Murden Cove and Winslow substations within the project study area.

Use the Route Explorer – an interactive online tool – to review route options under consideration for the new transmission line, explore the evaluation criteria and segment data, and submit your feedback on the route options.

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As part of our solution to improve electric reliability on the island, we’re planning to build the new "missing link" transmission line between the Murden Cove and Winslow substations. This new transmission line is a critical component of PSE’s plan to improve electric service reliability, reducing the frequency and duration of power outages for customers on Bainbridge Island.

It’s our goal to understand community values and interests around the new transmission line, so we launched a community engagement process to gather input. To help reach that goal we’re asking for the community’s feedback on the route options under consideration.

How to use this website:

  • Navigate between sections using the tabs at the top of this page or by scrolling down through the site content.
  • Visit each section below to learn about the new "missing link" transmission line and how PSE is involving the community in the routing process. 
  • Click on the '+' symbol to find more information.
  • Share this site with others who might be interested and encourage them to share their feedback.

This site is accessible to screen reader devices. If you need further assistance to access the information on this site, or would like materials in a different format, please get in touch with us via email at or leave a message at 1-888-878-8632.

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Learn about the project

Learn about the project

Route Explorer 

Explore the route options

Use this interactive online tool to:

Review the route options under consideration for the new transmission line.

Explore the routing criteria PSE is using to evaluate route options.

Compare route options using available data and metrics.

Submit your feedback on the route options.

Don't wait! Share your feedback by June 2.

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  Fact sheet

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Click the image to download the Route Options fact sheet

Next steps

Next steps

Thank you for visiting this site to learn more about PSE’s effort to improve electric reliability on Bainbridge Island and share your feedback.

  • After June 2, PSE will review all feedback shared and work towards identifying a preferred route.
  • The Community Sounding Board will review the preferred route at their next meeting and share their feedback with PSE.
  • PSE will make a route decision later this year after working with the Community Sound Board and gathering feedback from the community.
  • PSE anticipates having the transmission line loop in-service by 2025/2026.

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Contact us  

We want to hear from you!

Thank you for sharing your feedback! If sharing comments on the route options PSE is considering, please read the following questions before submitting. Feedback that responds to these questions will most help PSE identify a preferred route to permit.

  • Is there anything PSE is missing and/or should know about these routes?
  • What features of these route options are priorities for you?
  • Which route option or options are consistent with your priorities? Why?
  • Are there any opportunities you see with specific route options? If so, what opportunities along which routes?

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