Investing in reliability and grid modernization

Electric reliability on the island needs to be improved. In finding solutions, PSE committed to exploring new technologies. Our proposed plan is a unique solution designed for Bainbridge Island – combining new technologies and grid infrastructure to ensure safe, dependable power for families and businesses for years to come. We will partner with the community to implement these solutions.

Four ferries docked in Eagle Harbor at sunset.

PSE on Bainbridge Island

PSE has provided electric service to Bainbridge Island since the early 20th century, serving a population increasing from under 1,000 residents in 1950 to nearly 25,000 today.

We are working together with our customers to create a better energy future. Recently, we’ve made actions to:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Work with the Washington State Legislature to craft feasible 100% clean electricity legislation.
  • Address the island’s electric needs.
A solar array on the roof of a house on Bainbridge Island, overlooking Puget Sound.

Electric reliability

It’s no secret electric reliability on Bainbridge Island needs to be improved. We’ve talked about this over the past few years and as recently as this summer. You’ve been vocal in asking us to find solutions that improve reliability, meet this community’s growing energy needs and align with the community’s values.

A worker in a bucket truck repairs an overhead line on Bainbridge Island.

Identifying electric needs

PSE recently completed a detailed assessment on Bainbridge Island’s electric system needs. The Needs Assessment identified known and new issues.

Read the Needs Assessment

PSE and third-party experts then developed a Solutions Report to analyze potential solutions to meet these needs. The report studied the feasibility of both traditional wires solutions and innovative non-wires solutions.

Read the Solutions Report

An image of the cover page for the Bainbridge Island Electric System Needs Assessment, a report developed by PSE.

Click to review PDF report (1.17 MB)

PSE’s proposed solution

Our proposed plan is a unique solution crafted for Bainbridge Island. The project package combines new technologies and grid infrastructure to ensure safe, dependable power for families and businesses for years to come.

These projects are designed to:

  • Improve electric service reliability, reducing the frequency and duration of power outages for customers on Bainbridge Island.
  • Successfully meet the increasing power needs of Bainbridge Island for years to come.
  • Support the electrification of the Washington State Ferries.
  • Deploy new technologies that will help postpone building a new substation. These technologies maximize opportunities for conservation and innovation and may help reduce our carbon footprint.

PSE will continue to invest in projects to improve reliability on the distribution system that serves neighborhoods. 

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New transmission line and rebuild the aging Winslow Tap to improve reliability

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New 3.3 MW battery energy storage system to add additional capacity

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Targeted conservation and demand response tools to reduce demand

existing infrastructure map
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How you can help

Over the next year, we'll work with the community on these projects. We need your help:

group of people iconParticipate in our transmission line "loop" routing process: we'll engage the community in early 2020 to help us with this. 
thermometer iconReduce your energy needs by participating in energy efficiency and demand response programs: we anticipate these programs will be deployed next year.
handshake iconStay engaged and provide input on these projects.
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Attendees at an open house view renewable energy materials displayed by PSE staff.

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